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The Costly Mistake of Hiring a Web Designer For Web Development

September 4th, 2018

It requires more than just a nicely designed website in order for your business to be successful on the web. Unfortunately you often see business owners make the mistake of hiring “web designers” or “web design” companies to handle their web development needs. Very often these projects fail because the person or company who was hired doesn’t understand all the pieces to the puzzle.

A company that has a graphic designer and someone who knows HTML / CSS isn’t a web development company and shouldn’t be selling themselves as web developers.

Web development is developing your business identity on the web. It is creating a synergetic effect between both facets of your business – online and offline.

It’s using the successful combination of graphic design, copywriting, programming, usability, human computer interaction, and online marketing skills to develop and execute a successful project on the web.

Web guys want an easy to navigate, organized website, while graphic designers want flash animations and dynamic sites. On the other hand you have the marketing guys who want short, catchy ad content and the copywriters who want detailed content that ranks well within the search engines.

A successful web development company will find the balance and make it all work.

These days everybody is an expert. In reality, very few companies have been able to manage all aspects of web development successfully. In most cases the company just doesn’t have the talent it takes to get everything done effectively; from the design, to usability, information architecture, to colors, to the seo keywords, and the creativity to make it all look nice and convert.

When hiring a web designer to build a website for you, you really get what you pay for. Many companies offer bottom of the barrel prices for websites, but the websites would have no chance in the search engines.

Over the last little while a major shift has begun among all the businesses that jumped on the website bandwagon early. They quickly realized that having a website just for the sake of having a website isn’t working. They want new sites that do great things. They want a website that truly solves a problem, generates sales, or saves them time, etc.

To compete now and in the future, you’ll probably need a site that does the same. If you plan to provide that value purely through static content on a nice looking website, a “web designer” or a $500 website may be for you. But if you want to make a site that gets people noticing and talking about your products or services, then I invite you to consider finding a professional web developer to make your vision a reality.

Advantages of a Web Development Company Over a Freelancer

September 3rd, 2018

The companies or individuals just entering online business have budget constrains for web development. These companies or individuals search for cheap web developers; in a bid to do so they come across freelancers ready to render services for very low price. If you are one of them, placing a project on freelance site will give rise to 50-100 bids. You will feel that you can’t have a better start than this. But the trouble begins from here.

Large number of bids will make the process of selection a bit more difficult. Every freelancer tells that he is the best and not all are telling the truth. You have to make out which of them is correct. It is very difficult to find a freelancer who is expert in executing the complete work as per your requirement, after all web development is a very vast field.

After you select a freelancer for your website development work, the troubles do not stop here. Most of the freelancers have regular jobs somewhere else and are not available all the time. This gives rise to slow communication; they are not able to reply you back promptly. Also web development involves various types of skills like HTML conversion, PHP programming, design of website, testing and delivery which an individual cannot do efficiently alone.

Your selected freelancer will search for others to do the part of project that he is not comfortable with. This exercise will consume time and in the process delay your project. As many of the freelancers have full time jobs which demand lots of energy and time, at times freelance web designers do not get sufficient time to work on your projects. The web development requires lots of involvement of developer to build a quality website.

When you select a freelancer for your web development work, you have to solely depend on an individual. Any health or social problems of an individual will hamper progress of your project since there is no other person to carry on the job. Sometimes in order to cover their shortage of time, freelancers give excuses of being not feeling well or someone in the family in the hospital.

Most of the freelancers are loaded with excess of work as they render services at cheaper rates. This causes delay in your project and hence frustration in you. In some cases freelance web developer stops responding to your calls once you pay him initial part of money for the project. This leads to money loss over and above loss in time.

Now here are the benefits of hiring a web development company instead of a freelance. A web development company works professionally. It has ample resources to design, develop, test and host your website. Company is bounded legally so you can sign a contract for your web development work with the company. The backup resources with the company are sufficient so if there is a problem with one of the developers company is prompt to assign the work to another so chances of you work getting suffered is the least.

Finally a web development company charges money as the project completes various stages so you can track the progress of your project and your money is safe.

Benefits and Effective Strategies in Web Development

September 2nd, 2018

An important part of any online business is its website. However an even more important part of your website is its proper web development. Web development is basically all the activities you partake to launch your website, which includes web design, content development, ecommerce development and server scripting.

Web development is better done by a professional web development company who will be able to constantly update and keep a watch on your website to give its maximum benefits. These companies use user friendly technology in your website, keep upgrading the site with the latest technological software, uses search engine optimization techniques in your web content and also helps in the promotion of your website.

Here is a list of the many benefits web development can bring to your website and your business.

24/7 online availability

The greatest benefit of website development is the concept of it offering 24/7 online availability and visibility to anyone from any part of the world. This makes it possible for any visitor and customer to order what they want, whenever they want without waiting for a salesperson or the opening times of the store.

Constant updates on the website through web development helps improve the product knowledge of the product you sell. They are informed about the latest changes in rates and features of your products and all the promotional and developmental activities of your company.

Website development helps improve the visibility of your company by improving your page ranking so that your website reaches the first few pages of a search engine. Moreover, by ensuring your website is compatible with most browsers, you can expect a maximum number of visitors to your site as they can visit your website through any browser they use.

Web development companies keep on updating your website with the latest in software technology to ensure your website keeps up with the times. Moreover, if your website runs on old technology, it is possible that it may not be accepted by some browsers.

Effective website development strategies

You can get a better understanding about the benefits of web development if you understand the effects of the strategies website development companies use. Though your website should be pleading using the help of graphics and images, it should not be too flashy as too much flash distracts visitors from the actual reason for visiting your website.

Use of flash on the website should be limited as the more flash there is, the longer it takes for the web pages and site to download. Most visitors don’t have the time to wait this long, and may just leave your site and look elsewhere for information or to buy whatever they want.

Your site should be easily navigated so that visitors and prospective customers can easily find and use your website. This is possible using the right keywords in web content, using the right titles and Meta tags and the right links.

It is the implementation of the right web development strategies that help in bringing out maximum benefits to your website.